dancing with chaos

This series of words was very specifically chosen. Each one brings something unique that when it is all put together, hopefully gets across a message bigger than just the phrase itself. It is a little easier to understand however, if it is looked at in reverse order first.


This is in reference to the world we find ourselves in. Any event is really just a human interaction with either nature or another human. Every effort can be made to control these events, but ultimately all that falls within each individual’s control is what s/he thinks, speaks, and then does.

To try and predict it all would be a lot of wasted effort. Patterns arise and events repeat themselves, but ultimately there are way too many wild cards to effectively guess which way everything is going to go.

“Chaos” refers to the crapshoot that each of those interactions can be. Hopefully we are lucky enough to run into more positive than negative ones. Wishful thinking? Maybe. The way those interactions go down lead well into the next word.


Together. In unison. Cooperative (in a sense). An acceptance of the situation as it is. There is no higher or lower ground; one of the things we are good at doing as human beings is thinking we are always correct (we can’t all be right, right?). If we are getting pushed one way and always try with all our might to push directly back in the opposite direction, burnout and fatigue will kick our asses every day that ends in “y.”

I’m not advocating for being passive or submissive. What I’m saying is, rather than fighting a straight line of force with another straight line of force, look to redirect and turn, always looking for another way to manipulate that force working against you to work in your favor. Our egos, knowingly or not, may be in the way of letting us realize that there are other options besides ours that would work for us.


Rather than meeting brute force with brute force, you move around it. Twist, turn, jump, duck; all movements that when put together well, can be some of the most beautiful sights to see. It’s unlike a straight sprint, to see how fast you can get from point A to point B. It’s methodical, reactive, and graceful. The dancer takes the vibrations in the air and lets them guide, but s/he ultimately has the final say. The dancer finds a way to put the environment into the deepest part of her/himself and redirects that energy back out to let the world see that there is nothing too great to get in the way.

Dancing with chaos is all about recognizing the situations around you, and finding a way to manage it all without losing yourself in it. Grabbing onto every little thing and telling it where to go because that is where we want it is a sure fire way to make daily life a pain in the ass.

All we can control is what comes from within. If we try to stick our hands in other people’s being, or forcefully resist what the world has thrown at us, then we are meeting force with more force. One day, either one of these forces will win outright. Win as many battles as we may, our day will come when we lose control. At that point, we don’t know what to do. All we ever knew was how to sprint, never how to dance.

Each day is a blank canvas. The artist can choose to make with it whatever s/he desires. Each step is a stroke of the brush, a reflection of what the artist sees/feels and the response to it. If we make every step unique, our dance, our art, becomes magnificently unique. Each day will be different, each day will bring a new painting. If we can dance with chaos, move around the flame instead of into it, we can make each day our masterpiece. (Shout out to Coach Wooden)

Photo Cred: https://fitrlife.wordpress.com/